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The Academy of Finance is a nonprofit organization whose basic purpose is the development and recognition of individual efforts in the field of finance and insurance.

The Academy of Finance (AOF) is one of the twelve professional divisions of the Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA).  The MBAA annual meetings have been held in Chicago, IL each spring since is foundation March 16, 1990. The original name of the organization was the Midwest Academy of Finance and Insurance which was shortened to The Academy of Finance in 2001. AOF is the sponsoring organization of the Journal of Finance Issues (JOFI). The original name of the publication was the Midwest Review of Finance and Insurance.  

The Academy of Finance is one of 12 affiliated organizations that make up MBAA International. The Academy of Finance holds an annual conference and publishes a journal.

Officeholders (2021-2022):
Executive Director: Don T. Johnson, Professor Emeritus, Western Illinois University,
President: Heather Sorcha, Michigan Technological University,
Program Chair & President-Elect: Amit Sinha, Bradley University,
Secretary: Erin Oldford, Memorial University of Newfoundland,
Treasurer: Padmaja Pillutla, Western Illinois University,
Immediate Past President: Hongbok Lee, Western Illinois University,

Thomas Krueger (2021-24), Texas A&M University - Kingsville,
Brian Porter (2021-24), Hope College,
Olgun Sahin (2021-23), Saint Louis University,
Yuan Yuan (2021-23), University of Wisconsin – Whitewater,
Shahnaz Abdullah (2019-22), Alabama A&M University,
Sung-Jin Park (2019-22), Indiana University at South Bend,

Editor, Journal of Finance Issues
Hongbok Lee (2021-24), Western Illinois University,
Associate Editors, Journal of Finance Issues
Lawrence Bauer (2021-24), Memorial University of Newfoundland,
Olgun Sahin (2021-24), St. Louis University,

Editor, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Finance
Olgun Sahin (2021-24), St. Louis University,

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